About Us

The MOJ CILJ enterprise was established in January 1991. was a joint venture of two workshops, both founded in 1982. The basic business activity of enterprise is the production of papers and flexible packaging material for the food and chemical industry. Through constant improvement to meet environmental requirements, all our products are designed as recyclable ones. By perpetually following the most recent technological advances, and through maintaining high quality of print, the MOJ CILJ enterprise guarantees to its clients provision of a quality product, easily identifiable by the end user.




Cutter ’’KOMEXI’’ Maximum width: 1200 mm Minimum width: 20 mm Max. Cutting speed: 300m/min.




MECBI flexi 8 NEVE Number of colors: 8 Maximum width: 1200 mm Maximum step: 1000 mm Maximum speed: 300 m/min Printing on materials: paper, PE, PET, PA, PS, PE, Al Ceramic raster roles Sleeve connecting Automatic replacement of reels Computerized control of print.




Cashier MECBI SANTE Maximum width: 1200 mm Possibility of using one and two component glue Materials: Aluminum, paper, PE, PP, PES... Duplex at one- passing- through Possibility of multi- layer cashiering.